50 for Quinton de Kock in T20 world cup super 8 clash After initial Failure.

What a 50 for Quinton de Kock in T20 world cup and what a return to form this has been for the South African cricketer.

Harmeet Singh bowls to Quinton de Kock, and it’s a no-ball followed by a four!
In a somewhat careless delivery, Harmeet Singh overstepped, a mistake the USA spinner surely regrets. Trying to bowl a fast one aimed at the pads, he ended up giving de Kock the perfect opportunity.

De Kock, with his sharp eye and quick reflexes, swung at the ball and deftly flicked it over short fine leg, earning a boundary.

He scored 74 of 40 with 7 (4s)Boundaries and 5 (6s)Maximum with strike rate of 185 before he got out to Harmeet Singh.


Harmeet Singh’s overstep was a minor blip in an otherwise exciting contest, underscoring the fine margins that can define success and failure in cricket. For de Kock, it was another day at the office, showcasing why he is considered one of the top batsmen in the world.

This moment was just one highlight in an impressive inning from Quinton de Kock. He was in fantastic form, racking up 74 runs off just 40 balls. His performance was marked by a series of crisp shots and powerful hits, including seven boundaries and five sixes, resulting in a striking strike rate of 185.

The Chhattisgarh Post | What a 50 for Quinton de Kock in T20 world cup.

50 for Quinton de Kock in T20 world cup

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