Hathras Stampede: A Heartbreaking Loss of Life

Hathras Stampede

Hathras Stampede: Uttar Pradesh, Religious gathering a Heartbreaking Loss of Life The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh witnessed a horrible incident on 2nd July 2024 when a stampede broke out during a religious gathering in Hathras district. This overcrowding-driven tragedy claimed 121 lives and has left several others injured. The bereaved loss has lent an … Read more

Understanding Zika Virus: Prevention and Protection


Unmasking the Zika Virus The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne illness that has turned into an international health concern. It was first found in Africa but spread all over the world, causing outbreaks and posing serious health risks. In this blog, find out more about what exactly the Zika virus is, how it’s transmitted, and … Read more

Amlesh Nagesh “Handa” : A Must-Watch Chhattisgarhi Film

Amlesh Nagesh “Handa”

“Handa” Chhattisgarhi Film Directed by Amlesh Nagesh After Guiya The most awaited “Handa” movie official trailer is riveting, at the center of attention in the entertainment sector. Directed by Amlesh Nagesh and produced by Mohit Kumar Sahu, this Chhattisgarhi film sets a tone for an adventurous cinematic experience. Let us go deep into the details of the … Read more