Amlesh Nagesh “Handa” : A Must-Watch Chhattisgarhi Film

"Handa" Chhattisgarhi Film Directed by Amlesh Nagesh

After Guiya The most awaited “Handa” movie official trailer is riveting, at the center of attention in the entertainment sector. Directed by Amlesh Nagesh and produced by Mohit Kumar Sahu, this Chhattisgarhi film sets a tone for an adventurous cinematic experience. Let us go deep into the details of the trailer and discover what awaits us on the big screen.

Amlesh Nagesh “Handa”

Key Details

  • Director & Story: Amlesh Nagesh
  • Producer : Mohit Kumar Sahu
  • Cast: Amlesh Nagesh, Anil Sinha, Amrita Kushwaha, Niraj Uikey, Vinayak Agrawal and more
  • Music : Omii Stylo
  • Lyrics : Omii Stylo
  • Release Date: Coming soon!
Amlesh Nagesh "Handa"

Trailer Overview

The official trailer of “Handa” unfolds with a gripping storyline, engaging visuals, and stunning performances. Some highlights headlined here are:

1. Plot Suspense: The film hints to the viewers about a mystery-laden storyline with sudden turns and twists. There is going to be a moment when people start riding the roller coaster.
2. Powerful Performances: While Amlesh Nagesh and Anil Sinha are commendable, it is Amrita Kushwaha who steals the show. The chemistry between them leaves a mark on film as it fleshes out the respective characters.
3. Good Cinematography: Excellent visuals capture the pristine beauty of Chhattisgarh’s landscapes and culture.
4. Nice Music: Music by Omii Stylo absolutely sets the tone, adding to the cinematic experience.

Amlesh Nagesh "Handa"
Anticipation and Expectations

All eyes on “Handa“. With an outstanding cast, interesting plot, and soulful music, all the ingredients have been put in for success.

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown for the release of the film!

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