Bigg Boss OTT Season 3: The Drama Between Armaan, Kritika, and Payal

Bigg Boss OTT: Drama Between Armaan, Kritika, and Payal

The latest episode of *Bigg Boss OTT* got the town talking! A heated exchange between Armaan, Kritika, and Payal sets the stage for some real gut-wrenching drama. It started off with a light-hearted comment, snowballing into a huge issue that brings out the desperation and cracks in relationships inside the *Bigg Boss* house.

Bigg Boss OTT

The Verbal Comment That Sparked It.

It all started when Armaan made his derogatory comment on Kritika’s cooking skills in the kitchen area. Payal, who had been patiently watching the event, seemed to think that enough was enough. Stepping forward to defend Kritika, she ripped Armaan apart for his insensitive comment. What looked like a minor issue all of a sudden flared up into a major argument.

The Aftermath

That was when Armaan’s comment created a ripple effect throughout the house. Other contestants who had thus far been neutral began to take sides, with some really unexpected support coming Kritika’s way, while Armaan was left all alone. Tension spilt over into the nomination procedure where Kritika and Payal expressed their angst against Armaan.

Intervention by Bigg Boss

And then came the masterstrokeBigg Boss called Armaan into the confession room. I am sure that each housemate’s mind was racing with speculations regarding Bigg Boss’s verdict. Would he be evicted or given another form of punishment?

The Consequence

Bigg Boss very clearly pronounced his verdict: a complete loss of all privileges involving the luxury budget that week. No more midnight treats, no special facilities or luxury items, absolutely nothing. He did look clearly shaken, visibly dented by the declaration, as the implication finally made its way through those words. The remainder of the house simply watched him in silence as he digested the consequence.
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