1st Time “Jai Palestine” Chant in the Indian Parliament

The “Jai Palestine” Chant in the Indian Parliament, One of the hottest topics buzzing in the politics of India. In the past 25 years, the world has seen many wars—not to mention the current war between Ukraine and Russia, the Azerbaijan-Armenia war, and the US-Iraq war. Amidst all these wars, one rarely got to hear slogans for any foreign nations inside the Indian Parliament. But that’s what changed recently.

“Jai Palestine” Chant in Parliament

For the first time ever, an Indian Member of Parliament took oath by raising the slogan, “Jai Palestine.” This act has created a lot of controversy, and it is being deleted from the record lest it offends Israel. Many Union Ministers have demanded action and worried about offending not only Israel but even the US.

The Moral of the Controversial Incident

The MP in question courted controversy when he yelled, “Jai Palestine.” The video above became viral in which he took his oath and said, “Jai Bhim, Jai Meem, Jai Telangana, Jai Palestine! Takbeer Allah hu Akbar!” The instant reactions to this came from many members across the political fraternity, including Minister of Parliament Affairs Kiran Rijiju, who questioned the usage of such slogans in Parliament.

Jai Palestine / Asaduddin Owaisi
Jai Palestine / Asaduddin Owaisi

International Reactions and Alliances

Though Israel so far has made no comments on this incident, its embassy in India is active. The international situation is more confusing because the scenario began changing internationally when the strife between Israel and Hamas intensified. For instance, Russia, which now openly sides with Palestine, has circulated many of its circulated maps.on which it highlighted countries that issue recognition to Palestine, on whose basis many a time actions in Gaza are viewed. But as of date, nations like the US, Japan, and Australia do not treat Palestine as a sovereign state, which influences the way the world sees actions in Gaza.

Opinion and Historical Context

Historical Giants and rights activists like Mahatma Gandhi and U.S.-based civil rights movement activist Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali were openly supporters of Palestine. Gandhi position was crystal clear; though he condemned colonization of European on Jews, he opposed occupation of land of Palestinians.

The Debate Continues

The moot question is: Should MPs slogan-shout for foreign nations during official ceremonies? The matter has turned contentious. Akbar Uddin Owaisi has defended his slogan saying that speaking against an injustice goes in accordance with the tenets of the Indian Constitution, quoting the instance of Gandhiji’s stand pro-Palestine as justification.

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Jai Palestine / Asaduddin Owaisi
Jai Palestine / Asaduddin Owaisi

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