Kashmir: Twin Encounter Continues, 6 millitant down in Rajouri and Kulgam Districts

Challenges on the Ground

Conducting operations in Kashmir’s rugged terrain poses significant challenges. The dense forests, steep mountains, and labyrinthine village layouts provide militants with ample cover and escape routes. Security forces have to navigate these obstacles while maintaining a high level of vigilance against potential ambushes and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

END of days for Terrorist

In recent days, Rajouri and Kulgam, two districts in the Jammu and Kashmir union territory, have become the focal points of intense military operations. The twin encounters involve a significant deployment of security forces, as they engage in efforts to neutralize militant threats. These operations are part of a broader strategy to curb militant activities and ensure stability in the region.

The security personnel, comprising the local police,Indian Army, paramilitary forces, have cordoned off the areas where the militants are believed to be hiding. The operations are being conducted with utmost caution to minimize collateral damage and ensure the safety of civilians. Despite these efforts, the situation remains tense, with intermittent gunfire and occasional explosions breaking the uneasy silence of the valleys.


Twin encounter continues in Rajouri and Kulgam districts / Six militants and two soldiers have been killed in the two ongoing encounters between militants and security forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kulgam district.

Kashmir: Twin encounter continues in Rajouri and Kulgam districts

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