Major Victory Against Terrorism in South Kashmir

Major Blow to Terrorism Outfits in South Kashmir: Army and Police Joint Operation Success

In a major breakthrough for security forces, a meticulously planned joint operation by the Army and Police in South Kashmir has delivered a crippling blow to terror outfits major victory Against terrorism in south kashmir. Over the past few days, two significant encounters in the Kulgam district have resulted in the elimination of six militants, severely disrupting the operations of the Hizbul Mujahideen.

In Mudargam, Kulgam, two high-profile militants, Adil Hussain Wani and Faisal Bashir, were neutralized. Both had been actively involved in terrorist activities for several years, with Adil being a category A terrorist responsible for numerous attacks. The successful encounter led to the recovery of substantial arms and ammunition, showcasing the preparedness and efficiency of the security forces.

The second encounter in Chinigam was equally successful, with the elimination of four more militants: Yawar Bashir Dar, Tauheed Ahmed Rather, Shakeel Ahmed Wani, and Zahid Ahmed Dar. This operation, based on precise intelligence, also resulted in the recovery of additional weapons. The combined efforts of the Army, Police, and other security agencies have demonstrated exceptional coordination and effectiveness.

A somber note was struck with the tribute to Sepoy Prabhakar Praveen, who sacrificed his life during the Chinigam operation. His bravery and ultimate sacrifice were deeply honored, underscoring the personal costs borne by security personnel in the fight against terrorism.

These operations represent a significant setback for the Hizbul Mujahideen, with the loss of key leaders and operatives. The successful missions reflect the unwavering commitment of the security forces to eradicate terrorism and restore peace in Kashmir.

The collaboration between the Army, Police, and local communities has been crucial in these operations. The support from local residents, who provided valuable intelligence and assistance, played a vital role in the success of these missions. This partnership is essential in the ongoing efforts to achieve lasting peace and stability in the region.

As the security forces continue their relentless efforts, South Kashmir is poised to enter a new era of peace and stability. These operations not only highlight the strength and resolve of the security forces but also offer hope for a terror-free future for the region. The dedication and sacrifice of the security personnel serve as an inspiration, reinforcing the collective resolve to build a safer and more secure Kashmir.

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